Saturday, April 26, 2008


Hola, los humanos siguen con el problema de la factura del internet, pero supuestamente lo iban a "cortar" ayer en la noche, entonces fui precabido y a revisar, y sigue sirviendo, pero me estoy apurando porsi me estan jugando una bromita, humanos....

Hoy, comienzo photohunt, todos los sabados hay una "caza de fotos" con un tema diferente, el de hoy es el 107 whoa! Señales divertidas y unicas:

Bueno, no he visto señales unicas, cuando voy al vete, veo alto, ceda el paso, o construcción adelante, no son originales y no parecen divertidas

A que les parece este mensaje de aviso para el blog:

Un exceso para la humanidad

Me parece nesesario poner "belleza excesiva" en mi blog, los niños y adultos no deberian ver tanto la belleza no lo creen? Sabian que una traducción de cuteness al español significa inteligente, bueno, que les parece?
Bueno, les cuento que otro requisito es traducir el post, entonces no se molesten en leer el texto de despues de la raya
Hi!, humans still with innernet bill's troubles, is suposed that the'll "cut" the phone connection yesterday nigth (remenber, here we pay phone bill with the innernet bill) so I hide and.... come to the computer and spy muahahah! innernet stills heeer! So i'll post quick, beecuz humans make strange jokes and they still sleepy hehe, yep, i'm posting at 4:36 am.

Today I start photohunt yay! The topic of today is unique/funny signs
Well, when I go to VET I saw many signs as stop, and construction's signs, I saw on innernet that they are many funny signs as "Always open" and below it says "closed" but the rools of PH says that we don't have to take photos of other persons, or pets, rigth? so I make the one you see above.

"Excessive cuteness" is the perfect advisory banner for my blog, do you think too? Cuteness means pretty or beautiful, but it means clever too, do you think i'm clever?
That's all for today, maybe, if innernet on is not a joke, i'll make another post


Hootin' Anni said...

LOL...I like this one.

Mine's posted...stop by and see if you can figure it all out!!

Gandalf & Grayson said...

Yes, your are excessively cute! Thanks for the warning!

lv2scpbk said...

Good one and I signed your guestbook.

Parker said...

What a cute sign!

Daisy said...

I think you are very clever and very cute! I hope the inner-nets do not play a bad trick on you.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We're glad Cat Blogosphere mentioned there might be a problem viewing your blog with Firefox browser -- sure enough!

Hope your foot is doing well.

THE ZOO said...

ok we unnerstand issues and will wait until yur back Stifler.

we fink "excessive cuteness" describes yoo to a "t"

Mickey said...

Heehee,I think that is a good SIGN for you!!! You are so cute :)
Purrs Mickey

lin said...


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