Saturday, May 10, 2008

2 meses y no mas! (half-a-tripod)

Ya se cumplen 2 meses desde que me fracturé, no pude esperar nada mejor de ustedes los amo!!! Bueno, el vete dijo que mi pata ya se curó, pero lo hizo al reves, por eso seguiré caminando, pero como si tuviera media pata (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) pero tiene razon ML, un Stifler tripode es mejor que no Stifler!

Por cierto, tuve problemas con Google en la mañana y tuve que eliminar esas cosas que llama cookies, pero no se comen!!!!

Bueno el vete dijo que no iba a ser el mismo, pero creen que soy el mismo de siempre?

Bueno, nos vemos

Hi guys

Two months since I broke my leg and I can't wait more from you ♥ fank you and I love you all! Well VET says my leg is cured...... upside down! I can walk, but not like always, like half-a-tripod
But ML is rigth, a tripod Stifler is better than no Stifler!

In the morning I haf issues with I EAT google! And I haf to delete that fings google says its cookies, but I can't eat that cookies, how do you delete it!!!!

Well VET says that i'll not be the same, do you believe that MAN????

OK, see ya later!

Hey clic here for details of my birthday pawty (september 16th!)

I hope they cut you the leg, so I can eat you faster!


HotMBC said...

Oh Stifler, we're so glad your leg is healed, even if it is not quite like it was. Any Stifler is better than no Stifler!
Sanjee and the rest of the Hotties

jane said...

That's great news that your leg is healed up now. I agree with Sanjee and the Hotties, any Stifler is better than no Stifler! :)

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hi Stifler, your leg is going to heal. you'll be able to walk ok..

~ Girl girl

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