Friday, May 9, 2008

Photohunt # 109!!! MONEEE!

Look at this treasure, or maybe treat-sure!!!!

Miren este tesoro, talvez tenga unas merendinas!

Whoa! Monneees and some papers! Hope I can find a green one

Whoa! Moneditas y papeles que valen $dinero$! Espero encontrar verdes

Oh, this is one red, it worths like 2 dollars, but it says one hundred!

Oh!, este es rojo, vale como 2 dollares, pero dice mil!

Mommy says that there was a green paper before, but it worths like a little monee that now worths like 20 cents ha!

Mami dice que hubo un papel verde, pero ahora es una monedita que vale algo asi como 20 centavos ha!

I found eet! I hope that eagle don't eat me!

Lo encontre, espero que esa aguila no me coma!

This green paper worth that little monee that has a 5 and 2 o's

Ese papelito verde vale lo mismo que esa monedita, la mas grande de todas

I wish this like to you, because in gonna haf a moneee bath

Espero que les haya guatado, porque ire a un baño de monedas!

Heer I have some percentages belonging to me, enjoy!
Aqui les tengo los porcentages segun yo

Clic to biggify

See you later

Nos vemos :o3


Daisy said...

Wow, Stifler! You have lots of treasure!

Guess what? I am working on my comic for next weekend (for the 18th) and you might have a little surprise!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Cool shots and a cute critter you have there!

Have a great weekend.

Anita said...

Qué bien vendrán esos fondos para financiar la dominación... ¡Muahahahahá!

-TNChick- said...

Oh... how it must be nice to just be able to play freely in your money! hehe

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